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Where can I see the answers to my questions?

Once you signup and login, you can ask questions in the ‘ASK A QUESTION’ section. You can view the questions posted by you in the ‘VIEW QUESTIONS’ section. When one of our tutors has answered your question, it will show a ‘SEE ANSWER’ in green next to the question. If the question is currently being processed by us, it will show as ‘NOT ANSWERED YET’.

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Subscription plans (after the one-month trial period is over):

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You can ask questions from any STEM and Business subject areas -

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Our tutors got back to their students within 30 minutes after receiving a question 90% of the time. However, the actual time that we will take to get back to you will depend on the difficulty level of your question and how detailed you would like the explanation to be. You can mention any instructions for us in the question textarea and we will be sure to follow it.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please write to us at from your registered email ID or use the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option in the ‘My Account’ section.

What if I do not like the answer, can I get a refund?

In case you find something wrong with your answer, you can give a ‘thumbs down’ rating and we will give it another shot by asking our tutors to write you another solution. If you do not like our service please write to us at and we will refund your subscription money for that month.